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Participants and accompanying persons will receive a badge upon registration. Admission to the scientific meetings and exhibition area and/or to the social activities will be possible only with a valid badge. All participants and accompanying persons are requested to wear their badges throughout the Congress and at social activities. Failure to do so will result in refusal of admission to the scientific and social activities. Red badges belongs only to the organizers

Breakfasts and Lunches

Breakfasts will be served in accommodation place. Only our guests accommodated at Students Dormitory No. 10 have their breakfast at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science bar. Lunches will be served from Monday to Wednesday at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science from 13.00 to 15.00. Lunches will be issued base on the badges.


Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for registration to the 8th SHP Congress. Herewith I enclose the 2nd announcement. The topic of the Congress is „World without borders – Science without borders”, “Welt ohne Grenzen – Wissenschaft ohne Grenzen”. The Congress is being held under the honorary patronage of Mr. Bronisław Komorowski, the Speaker of the Sejm of RP. Among members of the honorary committee are: the Minister of Science and Higher Education Mrs. Barbara Kudrycka and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Radosław Sikorski.

The President of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Prof. Dr. Helmut Schwarz has confirmed his participation in the Congress. We also expect the arrival of Dr. Gizela Janetzke, Dr. Sven Baszio and Dr. Heinrich Pfeiffera. From the Polish side outstanding representatives of scientific and political area will take part in the Congress.

We do hope that conditions of participation proposed by us, an opportunity to exchange experience and news about AvH programmes as well as lectures of eminent speakers and unique atmosphere of Nicolaus Copernicus home town will turn out to be very attractive for all participants of the 8th SHP Congress.

The Congress held in Toruń will doubtless be an interesting scientific event as well as an important meeting of the Humboldt Family. We kindly invite to Toruń all former and current scholarship holders (without regard to formal affiliation to SHP) and our sympathizers together with their accompanying persons. A rich cultural programme (including a guided tour of Toruń, visits to museums as well as a trip to Pałuki and Chełmiński Area - the cradle of the Polish state) will be offered to all participants.

All interested in participation in the Congress are requested to complete the REGISTRATION FORM carefully and clearly and send it to organizers as soon as possible. The Registration Form may also be emailed using the on-line form.

The deadline of registration form sending and payment expires on April 19, 2010. After the deadline applications will be accepted only if free places are still available.

With best regards,
Prof. Bogusław Buszewski
President of SHP

P.S. A series of attractive cultural events connected with traditional “Toruń Days” take place in last two weeks of June in Toruń. Detailed information can be found on: www.torun.pl/imprezy/ or www.cowtoruniu.pl/imprezy

Societas Humboldtiana Polonorum (SHP) – the Scientific Society assembling 1200 former scholarship holders of reputable Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Bonn gathering such significant personages as Prof. K. Skubiszewski, former first Minister of Foreign Affairs, prof. A. Zoll, former President of Constitutional Tribunal, prof. Zb. Ćwiąkalski, former Minister of Justice and Prof. M. Kleiber, President of Polish Academy of Sciences, organizes in upcoming year next, VIII International Scientific Congress under the banner of:

Welt ohne Grenzen und Wissenschaft ohne Grenzen
(World without border & Science without border)

The Congress will be held at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń in June 27-30, 2010.
One of the main assignments of SHP, apart from propagating of the universal ideas of our patron Alexander von Humboldt, is to search the platform of understanding between science, culture, religion, business and politics. We want to instill this interdisciplinary approach to the world to our younger coworkers and alumnus in order to realize concepts of dialogue Master-Pupil referring this way to tradition Gemeinschaft von Lehrenden und Lernenden. Near the significant persons from science, culture, politics and business (including Nobel Price Laureates) and also representatives of churches of different religions, the Congress will be honored with presence of representatives of AvH Board and representatives of Humboldt’s Clubs from other countries. Lectures and panel discussions will be led by team of excellent speakers from Poland and abroad. The subject master, which will be brought up during this meeting, will include issues concerned with dialog and Polish-German cooperation and the transfer of its results to the East countries. Main subjects of VIII International Scientific Congress 2010 sessions will be:

- Science without border – Quo vadis?
- Arystoteles-Kopernik-Leonardo-Humboldt. Who is next and if any?
- Common Europe - cooperation or competition?
- Language- the way of communication.
- Economic barriers in science; possibilities and chances for Poland.
- The role of money and the progress of civilization.
- Order of human activity (ethics and morality) and acquaintance.
- Challenges of the present time and religions.
- Now-a-days medicine. Do we really wish the immortality for ourselves?

The language of Congress will be Polish, English and German.
Co-organizers of VIII SHP Congress among Rector NCU Prof. Andrzej Radzimiński are: Marshall of Provincal Assmebly of Cuiavia and Pomerania Voivodeship Mr. Piotr Całbecki, President of Toruń Mr. Michał Zaleski, Bishop Andrzej Suski, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Foundation for Polish Science.

All Humboldt-Fellow from all over the world are cordially welcome. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to seeing you on June.

Opening Ceremony


The necessary condition of participation in the Congress is sending to the Organizing Committee a completed and signed registration form together with receipts of participation fee and additional social event fees. Sending in the registration is treated as the acceptance of participation conditions.
The Organizing Committee kindly asks for a careful and clear completion of the registration form and sending it until April 19, 2010.
Registration may be done on-line. The registration form can be found on the www site of the Congress http://www.8kongres.humboldt.org.pl

Please deposit registration fee and additional social event fees on account:
Societas Humboldtiana Polonorum Board
3 Ingarden St., PL-30 060 Kraków PKO BP l O/Kraków
account no: PL 22 1020 2892 0000 5702 0171 7198
with note "Humboldt Congress" and participant name

Registration fee includes:
- partial cover of Congress organization costs,
- 3 lunches on: June 28, 29 and 30, 2010,
- cultural programme (without tours), including 3 dinners on: June 27, 28 and 29, 2010,
- Congress abstract book and Congress proceedings (printed later).
Each participant of the Congress (and each registered accompanying person) will receive identity cards and invitations entitling to taking part in events. Participants are requested to show them before each event.

The amount of participation fee is variable. It consists of registration fee, which depends on participant status and costs of accommodation chosen.

Registration fee.
200 PLN for SHP members who on April 19, 2010 will not be in arrears on their membership fees and
150 PLN for persons who accompany them.
300 PLN for other participants of the Congress and
150 PLN for persons who accompany them.
It is possible to reduce the registration fee in exceptional cases.
Humboldt scholarship holders who are not SHP members who will express a wish to join SHP and send a member declaration until April 6, 2010 may pay low-rate registration fee (200 PLN.).

The organizers offer to the Congress participants room reservation in several selected hotels in Toruń, with different standard or in student dormitory of NCU /see Accommodation bookmark that includes details of the offer/.
Thanks to significant price reduction received from the hotels, the share of Congress participant in accommodation costs has been established below the standard price. The prices include breakfasts.
Applicants are requested to indicate their preferences concerning hotel choice on the registration form. The organizers will do their best to fulfill these preferences. Please remember that registration order will decide places distribution. Therefore early registration and payment are crucial. Please indicate 2 alternative places to spend the night. Possible differences between preferred and final accommodation will be settled at the Congress office desk.
If any of participants would like to stay in Toruń longer, we are able to offer low-rate prices for next nights as well.

With regard to accommodation situation in Toruń (several other events will be held at the same time) you are kindly requested to keep the deadline April 19, 2010, send it and pay the fee. Failure to do that will be treated as the resignation from participation.
Participants applying after the deadline will be able to participate in scientific sessions, but their participation in other events will be possible only if free places are available. 7. Resignation from participation in the Congress.
By resignation, all paid amounts will be returned in total on condition that the registration or declaration of participation in social events will be withdrawn until June 8, 2010 (written confirmed date of sending such information to the organizers decides). If the resignation is submitted later, the organizers reserve a right to return only 50% of registration fee and real costs calculated by hotel will be waived from registration fee (at least for one night). Repayment will be realized until the end of November 2010 reduced by bank transfer costs. Participants of the Congress cover travel expenses by their own.

Until May 15, 2010 the Organizing Committee will confirm receiving applications of participation, send information about booked hotel rooms and conditions of possible extra charge/repayment difference in accommodation payment. By this time a detailed programme of the Congress will be delivered to participants.

Any doubts or questions should be sent to: 8kongres@humboldt.org.pl.
All interested are invited to visit the SHP Congress in Toruń official website:
8kongres.humboldt.org.pl and Societas Humboldtiana Polonorum website: www.humboldt.org.pl